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Architects In Asheville NC

Well known Architects such as Richard Sharp Smith, Rafael Guastavino, Douglas G. Ellington, and Richard Morris Hunt designed buildings and monuments in Asheville, NC in the late 1890’s and into the late 1920’s. Richard Morris Hunt was the Architect for one of the most famous structures in Asheville, NC, the Biltmore Estate, designed in the 1890’s. Richard Sharp Smith became resident Architect at the house when Richard Morris Hunt died. Smith designed several builidngs in and around the Asheville areas as well. Rafael Guastavino was a Spanish Architect who created the Guastavino tile (based on the Catalan vault) which was used to create self-supporting arches and Architectural vaults in many projects throughout the United States, including the Biltmore Estate. Douglas G. Ellington was an American Architect who studied at the Ecole des Beau- Arts in Paris and brought the Art Deco style to some of his projects in Downtown Asheville. Two of these Architects, Ellington and Guastavino, chose to live in Asheville,NC and built their homes there.

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