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Asheville Architectural Trail

There are some great places to visit and read about on the Asheville Architectural Trail. Below is a link to station #3 on the trail:
(1926-28) ~ An Art Deco masterpiece, the City Building sprung from Douglas Ellington’s imagination and desire to reflect the contours and textures of the city’s mountain backdrop.  A ziggurat roof covered with red tiles splits into layers through the use of interrupting green and gold feather motifs.  Overall, Ellington chose materials “paralleling the natural clay-pink shades” of Asheville’s soil.  Council chambers features murals by New York artist Clifford Addams portraying stories of Native Americans and early white settlers in the region.  The fanciful nature and embellishments of the City Building (including Art Deco lanterns on either side of the main entrance) incline the building toward iconic status in the hearts of Asheville residents and visitors.
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