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Happy Clients can develop into repeat business

I am meeting new clients from Asheville this weekend. They have sent me a few ideas on the house they would like with many additional things desired. They will be building in Signature Ridge on a beautiful lot that I look forward to walking over with them. Since I have been working on expanding my area of work into Asheville, NC, a glowing reference from happy clients that reside there would be great for business. Quite a few  clients have given me repeat business, when they own multiple homes. One client asked me to design a large addition to their house at Shelton Vineyards after working on 2 renovations on their Elk River house. I have completed an extensive renovation and addition project to a house in Blowing Rock and we are discussing a new project in Winston-Salem. I am also currently working on a design in Grandfather Golf and Country Club and will be helping the same client with their home in Greensboro, NC. I am hoping to continue this in the future, with happy clients and an expanding project base area.

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